Issue with DBM install on Bell and Carlson
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    I have a .308 SPS and a Bell and Carlson stock. I bought a Stocky's M5 DBM and had a smith install it. He called today and said he was afraid to go any deeper because he didn't think it would feed properly. I took it home and installed the bottom metal on the action and it seemed fine so I'm not sure what he;s talking about. The front screw seems to be almost flush while the rear is clearly not deep enough. Since the outline of the DBM is perfect can I just deepen the two inlets? Everything is lined up perfectly. just not deep enough. Any idea why he thinks it won't work?

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    did you put a mag in and see how it fed?
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    I did the whole process on my own by hand....don't be afraid to go deep. The ledge on your bottom metal should be on plane with the bottom of the stock. I actually went a bit too deep but corrected it by bedding my stock (and putting in new pillars)

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    If you cut a little too deep you can always shim your way back out of it. However, I think the gunsmith was right in this case as there is a lot of material over flush on the rear screw in the pic. BE careful.

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    Just to clarify that when i installed the mag well on the bottom metal it was not with the stock in between the two. I clearly need to dremel more material out of the inlet pockets. I wasn't too clear in my initial post. Let me rephrase, the action screws, stock holes and DBM holes line up just fine. It seems obvious to me that I just need to deepen things a tad to get the DBM flush with the stock. I'm more confused as to why the smith didn't go deeper. He claimed the mag wouldn't feed properly if he did. I can't see that. He gave it take to me so I could contact the manufacturer just to be certain that everything was the correct part and what not. I know it is fine but figured I could just dremel the remaining material out since he did most already. I really wasn't happy with how he dumped this on me.

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    Some "smiths" are not comfortable installing and fitting DBM kits. If they take off a little too much, they now owe you a brand new stock. A lot of smiths that don't specialize in this type of job won't take the chance.

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    OK got the DBM installed and ran into a little problem. When I run the DBM flush with the stock it won't allow the mag to lock into place. I shim it with a couple of nylon washers in the front of the DBM and the mag locks great but the gun won't feed a round.

    Should I just play around with various shims until it works? It seems that with the DBM flush with the stock the mag would be fine but it is blocked by a small rectangular metal piece that is just below the bolt when the action is open. Any thoughts on this?

    And should the mag be touching the bottom of the action?


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