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    Hi all, im new to the rem 700 just picked up this rifle today and so far im really pleased with it, i cant wait to shoot it but first i need to get some optics, im thinking about this scope. It seems to offer everything im looking for but id like your input.

    Also what else will i need to mount this?
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    What amount of money you plan on spending ??

    Here is what I have told a few friends to look at. Plus Vortex warranty is great!
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    Reminton 700 SPS Tactical .308
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    That looks really nice maybe a little pricey I was hoping to stay around the $300 range if I can get something good for that?

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    I got the Konus M30 8.5-32X52mm and am happy with it - $350.

    It's mildot reticle and .1mil adjustments.
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    I like the Konus, any other good options in my price range and what will i need to mount it?

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    Howdy 7mm. I'm new on the forum as well. My platform is the SPS VAR in 308. This is my intended budget scope. Good for target and hunting applications.

    For budget scopes, I have found fixed power to be a better buy. Better clarity and toughness for equivalent money. SWFA has a good reputation for repeatable tracking, solid build quality, and durability. This model is available in 6, 10, 12, 16, and 20 fixed power, and some powers in both rear and side ($50 more) focus.

    I will be shooting 308 winchester, so I am planning a 15 MOA base to give me a little more compensation for bullet drop at long range.


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