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Bore Sight Your Rifle

With the purchase of any new rifle, one of the first things a gun owner will want to do is bore-sight their gun. Sure there are laser bore sights that you can purchase, but these are often a waist of money as you can bore site a rifle at home without tools. This is an easy task and can be accomplished in just a few simple steps.

Today, we will show you how to bore-sight your new rifle using a couple of diagrams to aid in our explanation.

Before we can bore-sight any rifle you first have to mount your scope.

With your scope properly mount as described above we can begin to bore sight your rifle before heading out to the range for final adjustment. The goal with bore sighting any rifle is to get you rifle to shoot more or less "on paper". If we didn't bore sight our rifle, and went immediately to the range, it would ultimately end in frustration and you would have to fire much more ammunition to get your rifle dialed in. By doing a little work before you head out to the range, will save you time and provide you with much more rewarding experience at the range!

Step 1: The first step is to remove the bolt from your rifle so you can visually see down the bore of your gun. You should be looking down your bore from the receiver end and not the muzzle.

Step 2: Place you rifle into a sturdy rest or secure it from falling over with sandbags or some other supporting material. A gun vise would be handy to have at this point. The goal in this step is to prevent the rifle from moving around on you as much as possible.

Step 3: With the rifle secure, choose a clearly visible target approximately 50 yards away. Simply look down your bore and line the barrel up with this target. With the rifle secure, look through your scope. Adjust your scope so you have a nice clear and in focus view of your target. Looking through your scope you will likely see that the center of your cross hairs are either to the left or right or up or down from the target.

Notice how the bore lines up with the target, but the cross hairs don't. Be sure the bore stays fixed on the target and proceed to the next step.
Bore Sighting Your Rifle

Step 4: Adjust the windage and elevation knobs of your scope (for a detailed explanation of these adjustments, click here) so the center of your cross hairs line up directly with the center of your target as you look through the bore.

Line up cross hairs with target as shown below.
Bore Sighting Your Rifle

Step 5: Verify that you are more or less looking at the center of the target when looking down the bore and also when looking through your scope that your crosshairs line up on the center of the same target.

You have now successfully bore sighted your new rifle! Now it's time to head out to the range for final adjustments! Good luck and happy shooting!

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