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    Big Brother, Little Brother

    Hello, first post here!

    Been a fan of 700's since high school when my dad bought me a 700 classic in 30-06. The action is still my primary big game rifle, still in 30-06, even though the action was blueprinted and everything else has been replaced.

    Attached photo has two rifles. Top rifle was purchased new by me 1986. It was a 1978 Varmint .308. I still have the original stock, barrel and trigger. Current configuration has the action blueprinted with a Krieger 5R #5 heavy sporter contour in 6.5 Creedmoor. Stock is a pillar bedded McMillan Remington Hunter. Trigger is a Bix N' Andy Tac Sport set at 10oz. Rifle topped by a Leupold VX3 Long Range 8.5 x 25.

    Bottom rifle is a Stiller Lonestar 40x clone in .22lr. Barrel is a Shilen Ratchet Select Match in #5 contour. The rest of the rifle is exactly the same as the 700 and the stocks are, at least in theory, interchangeable. Both shoot great!




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    Very nice and welcome to the forum.

    Robert Kittine
    Sag Harbor and Manhattan, New York


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