How do you know the model
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    How do you know the model

    Just bought a model 700 in 30-06 caliber. How can you tell if it’s an ADL, BDL or CDL? Can the serial number tell me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by john32 View Post
    Just bought a model 700 in 30-06 caliber. How can you tell if it’s an ADL, BDL or CDL? Can the serial number tell me?
    Remington can tell you the model from the serial #, maybe. But fundamentally the ADL has a blind internal box magazine. The BDLs and CDL have a hinged floor plate allowing magazine unloading without cycling rounds through the chamber to unload as is the case with the ADL. Again the BDL will have an upgraded stock and the CDL will upgrade further.
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    Some of the CDLs have iron sights but I don't know if all of them did.
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    And the forend caps are distinctive on the three different models. See the current ones on the Remington web site and you will see.
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    Hello, just a suggestion, try looking at the Remington society of America site. There is some very good information there. Hope this is helpful.


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