Another 700 Lefty
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    Another 700 Lefty

    Here's a 7mm Mag from 1982. I added a one-piece steel triggerguard/floorplate assembly (Williams), tuned the trigger to 3 lbs, bedded and floated it. Favorite load so far is 150 grain Win BSTs, which chrono at just under 3100 fps at the muzzle. Scope is a Leupold 2.5-8x in Talley steel rings. This would be a great "if I could only have one rifle" candidate.

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    Nice, I always liked the 7mm Rem Mag as an all-around cartridge. Load it up or down and tune it and you can have accuracy and moderate recoil with a wide yardage coverage available. I had a Mauser 4000 in Left Hand 7mm Mag, which I got when Mauser exited the consumer firearms market back in the early 80s and dumped all there existing inventory through Dayton Outdoor Sports Distributors. I bought 27 of those rifles in various calibers and which I still had them all. But, I was a dealer in those days and I did make a nice profit on some really nice looking and shooting rifles.

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