My M40 replica /clone
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Thread: My M40 replica /clone

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    My M40 replica /clone

    Remington 700, 24" varmint barrel ( it came in 26" so my smith cut and recrowned it to the correct specs), Redfield Accu Range 3-9 x 40mm with correct base and rings. Taylor Engineering M40 walnut stock, after market swivels and Vietnam era "seatbelt" sling. I'm going to install an original trigger and an original set of swivels when they arrive. I'm also going to have the USMC clip slot milled into the receiver.
    The blue target was first time out. I got a call last Saturday at 4PM saying the barrel and receiver was ready for pickup, 3 days early so I had not reloaded any ammo for .308 and had 11 rounds left from my M14 stash.
    I picked her up, got home and put her together for a range trip Sunday morning. I brought the .308 and the .223 M40 also.
    I took 5 or 6 shots at 25 yards to get the scope squared away and on paper. I went back to 100 yards and took my last remaining 5 shots off my old issue buttpack with a towel and tee shirt stuffed inside.
    The shots went wide to the left about 3-4 clicks off, elevation was good as I was aiming at the body center mass X square.
    The 4 shots cloverleafed at the center shots, the last shot was an attempted head shot, it also went wide left.

    After walking downrange to check my results I realized she was a keeper !
    First time out and grouped that well with a stock average trigger and stock Rem barrel.
    My hat goes off to Remingtons barrels, I got a very good one.

    I'll followup with a post of the .223 M40 clone.
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    Man I need to build one of these rifles, yours is absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to the data on your 223 clone.

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    Nice, Now you need to see what it will do at Sniper Yardages.

    Robert Kittine
    Sag Harbor and Manhattan, New York

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    Nice one! I love project rifles.

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    Very nice,cool project.

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    Very impressive!

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    great work, very nice
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