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Thread: 700 sps ?

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    700 sps ?

    Hey all I am new to the Remington 700 family and this forum. I have a few questions. I recently got on trade a Remington SPS 6.5 creedmoor. I have been trying to figure out the exact value of what I have. All the SPS rifles I see are synthetic stock but mine is wood as you will see in the pictures. I messaged Remington they said it was a 2017 SPS. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    SPS stands for special purpose synthetic so somebody switched stocks.looks like a nice one too by the way.

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    Welcome to the Forum. FF is right, the SPS would have come with a synthetic stock. The butt pad looks like one of a CDL, but there is no forend cap that I can see in the picture and that is a checkering pattern that came on guns many years ago. Wonder if it was from the custom shop? In any case, a great cartridge and a nice looking rifle.

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    M700 SPS comes with a hinged floorplate. I don't see a floorplate in the pics. The stock is from last year's limited run of wood stocked M700 ADL's. You can tell by the "swoosh" checkering behind the grip checkering. But the ADL's were not chambered in 6.5 CM. Somebody has put a new production ADL stock on a SPS it appears to me.....

    When calling Remington did they say specifically that it was a SPS? In the past, the only info that Remington Customer Service has on their computer, when given the serial number, is the year the rifle was assembled.


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