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    Hello everyone. Just found this site yesterday and signed up. My present 700 collection consists of two hunting 700 SPS rifles in 308 and 223 and one 700 SPS Tactical with a Falcon Menace 10X42 scope. The rest of my collection is based on the AR15 platform and consists of several of those items including varminters, carbines, and an SBR. I'm a police officer by profession in central Oklahoma and have been doing that for the last 19 years. I'm just starting to get into the long range rifle thing seriously. Previously it's just been hunting and shooting hunting type rifles, non of which has been really long distance precision shooting. I enjoy it so far but have much to learn and many more rounds to put down range. I reload my own ammo and enjoy playing around with different loads looking for the perfect combination. Look forward to learning what I can from you guys and maybe being of some help to someone else.
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    Glad you found the site!

    I think we have a couple of other members how are in LE or are training to go into that, so we are glad to have you!


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