Would like some opinions on my latest build. Thanks.
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    Would like some opinions on my latest build. Thanks.

    I'm new here and this is my first post. So first things first....hey everybody. Nice to "meet" you and thanks for having me. I'd like to show off my most recent build and get some other people's opinions on it. My cousin brought me his old dirty, dusty, beat up, wood stocked ADL .270 hunting rifle and a pic of a McMillan camo stock and said "this is what I want". So after quoting him the price of that stock, with my dealer discount, he quickly changed his mind. Since he's family, just had a little boy and I like making people happy, I told him to leave the rifle with me and I'd see what I could do. Well here's the results. I replaced the wood stock with a factory synthetic, did the ADL to BDL conversion, then basically built a M40a1 clone with a twist. A few things I did you cant see is I custom made a recoil reducer out of plastic pipe and some lead weights and BB's that's in the hollow buttstock. Then I filled in the rest of the hollow area with expanding foam. I also brazed the old sight screw holes on the barrel closed. The trigger was swaped out with a post recall X-Mark Pro. Our last name is Crumpton and all the males in our family were always called the same nickname in school and growing up, "Crump". That's what's laser engraved on the bottom metal. I know it's far from being one of the awesome, tricked out to the max rifles you see in this forum, but for doing it on a tight budget, I'm proud of the results. Hope everyone likes it and I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks guys. PS....please ignore the improper screw on the bottom metal. The extended length ones I ordered haven't come in yet.
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    PS....please ignore the improper screw on the bottom metal. The extended length ones I ordered haven't come in yet.
    As far as I'm concerned the "proper screw" is one that works properly. Looks are secondary. Sometimes "improper" screws work better. I have a 1903-A3 Springfield that I couldn't stand the slotted head action screws on. Replaced them with some socket head screws from Brownells. Had to buy the "blanks" and thread them myself bot it's a lot easier to torque the action screws now using the hex head driver rather than the straight blade that just "boogers up" the screw head appearance.

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    I like it, you made it yours. Good work Crump


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