Some of you guys know that I am a wildlife manager on a ranch in South Texas. The ranch is over 50 sq. miles in size, although we are divided by some farm to market roads and a highway, and is a low fenced fair chase opperation. We have been under a management program for 5 years and have not sold any package hunts in over 6 years. The work we have done includes the havesting of does to control numbers and have better Buck:Doe ratios, harvesting inferior bucks, brush work, and feeding some protein. I have Buck and Doe hunts available for this season. They are both 3 day hunts and you will have 4 nights on the ranch, and you get to enjoy my wife's home cookin'. The Buck hunts are for a management Buck scoring in the 140's B&C or under plus you get one Doe and Feral Hog. The Doe hunts are for 3 Does and 3 Feral Hogs. If interested please let me know and I will get you more details.
Hope everyone has a great and safe hunting season.