Newbie here a reloading question
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    Hello all 700 fans,i have a reload question,i normally handload 168gn smk 42gn re15 with good results,was wondering if anyone handloads 175gn smk with re15 powder,if so whats the recipe that works for you??i have a SPS Varmint,factory 26" heavy barell,Bell and Carlson tactical stock,any help would be great,i will post pics of her soon............................Thanks and happy shootin

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    Hey dtbighit,

    Here is my 175 grain SMK load. Well, I really can't say it is mine, it is the Marine Corps sniper load, (M118LR)

    Case: Federal Military FC08
    Primer: Federal 210-GMM
    Bullet: Sierral 175 grain Match King
    Powder: 43.1 grains of RL-15
    COL: 2.810"
    Muzzle Velocity: 2655 Ft/sec

    It works great for me. My rifle is a Remington 700 VSF, 26" fluted heavy barrel, 1 in 12" twist, HS Precision stock. Leupold mts and rings and a Leupold Vari X III 4.5x14 AO tactical scope with mildot crosshair.

    Good luck and good shooting.

    Dave (Bubba) Thornblom


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