Need help getting a .308 with 20" barrel to 1000 yards
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    Need help getting a .308 with 20" barrel to 1000 yards

    I am looking for a little help. I have a SBS Tactical .308 with a 20" Barrel. I am taking a 1000 class in a few weeks and I need to find a good load to shoot. Over the last few years I have tried to take the class and I have had several problems shooting factory ammo. I know I am limited on what I can shoot because of my small barrel. I have been recommended SMK HTBT 175gr with RL-15. I have also purchased Burger 185gr "Juggernaut" with RL-17. Any thoughts? I chose the Burger because of the high BC (0.560). It 185gr to heavy? I live in California and right now I am limited on powder, so my options are slim. I think the Sierra 175gr with RL-15 looks like the best, but I am new to this and need some help. Thanks!

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    175 TMK not the SMK..... Has a BC stated of .543 and that can be achieved at only 2400 fps. As for powder I liked 4046 over RL-15. But currently use xbr 8208 and it shoots really extremely well from both the 20" SPS Tac and the 26" SPS Varmint. Both are .308 Win rifles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zack586 View Post
    I have also purchased Burger 185gr "Juggernaut" with RL-17. Any thoughts? I chose the Burger because of the high BC (0.560). It 185gr to heavy?
    I shot the 185 gr "juggs" in my 5-R milspec and they were great with the RL-17. I loaded them long so I could get the maximum amount of powder in the case and "long" was no problem with the long factory throat.

    The 185 Juggernaut is a bullet specially designed by Brian Litz for a several reasons. First it is a hybrid design which makes it less sensitive to "jump". It's also a design that makes the transition from supersonic to transonic, and ultimately subsonic, with a minimum of buffeting and the resulting wobble. In short, it stays accurate far longer than an ordinary bullet with conventional tangent or plain secant ogive design. Lastly, it is a bullet that can be loaded to magazine length yet still have the ogive fairly close to the lands (on most rifles that it).

    They have become very popular among the LR and ER shooters and thus are kind of hard to find.

    As for the Sierra tipped bullets, Sierra had to do something as Hornady A-max bullets were eating into their market share for the 168 and 175 SMK's. We'll see if they live up to their high BC numbers. I do know that the 178 A-Max performs superbly at long ranges. Not sure I'll be making the jump just because Sierra claims a higher BC.


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