Failure to extract problem
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    Failure to extract problem


    I'm new to the forms here and I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this.
    My .223 had a malfunction, causing the brass to get stuck in the bolt face. There was no difficulty removing the brass from the chamber, however the prime blew and it was really stuck into the bolt face. When I removed it part of the lip broke off. I spoke to a gunsmith and he told me to file down the rough area left by the process of separating the primer from the bolt face and all should be fine. Currently a round will chamber but will not extract. Any recommendations or insight will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time

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    Part of what lip?
    When it’s failure to extract usually the extractor needs replacing.

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    My Rem 700 .308 had an extraction issue also. It worked fine for first 30 rounds then it started. I pulled the bolt and the extractor looked like the right side was bent and coming out of the slot.
    I took my knife, pushed it back in and resumed shooting for the day.
    I have 3 on order from Midway.
    I've read this issue is common with the newer Remington 700 rifles but once fixed they are good to go.


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