Nylon coated or Carbon-fiber Cleaning Rods?
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    I am new to the forums and was wondering if anyone has any advice on one piece cleaning rods. I was looking in the Cabela's Shooting Catalog at the Tipton Carbon Fiber Rod, Gunslick's One Piece Carbon Fiber Rod, and the J. Dewey Nylon Coated Cleaning Rod. I wanted to get one for my 700 BDL 7mm mag. and one to fit my Double Star AR15 .223.
    Has anybody tried any of these brands? Thanks.

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    Get the Dewey rods and you won't have to buy another.:)

    Don't forget to get bore guides.
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    I have a Dewey in .30 Cal. Will be getting one in .22 cal. Great rods.
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    i have tried lots of different cleaning rods and once you go to a one piece rod you never go back to multi piece rods again. the best i have is the dewey brand. the tetra brand are good. but the dewey i use is nylon coated. the one i use when i copper solvent clean the barrel is a parker hale non coated. using two one piece cleaning rods one for solvent and one for patching out work for me.

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    I like my Tipton carbon fiber rods. The Dewey mentioned above are great as well.

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    I use the Dewey rods also.
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    It's not so important as to which maker's rod you use as it is that you use it properly. A rod that won't abrade the bore along with a bore guide to keep it centered in the chamber are essentials. Names aren't as important as the process.

    On that note, I use a Dewey. A tip for users, don't forget to put a drop of light oil in the bearing at the handle. Make sure the rod is free to rotate, not just when not in use, but when being pushed or pulled as well.


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