New cartridge choices for build
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Thread: New cartridge choices for build

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    New cartridge choices for build

    I just signed up on R700 as I am looking for information regarding a problem barrel. I own a 700BDL in 222 Rem. I got this rifle because my Uncle has a 788 in 222 and it is a tack driver. This rifle, not so much. It was used when I purchased it back in the 1990's and all attempts to glean sub moa groups have failed miserably. So I tried molycoating as an experiment and last ditch effort to get some kind of respectible accuracy out of it. It was a big mistake as now there is moly residue in the barrel that will not come out with any attempt at all. I can actually see "blobs" in the barrel and I have used all manner of cleaning and scrubbing products to remove them. I am therefore replacing this barrel. This rifle will be used mostly for longer distance varmints here in the southwest. Here are my questions: 1: Considering the action and magazine length, what cartridge families can I chose from 2: Can I rebarrel it myself (I have done a Savage barrel change-I know they are not exactly the same) 3: Is it difficult to change the bolt head to accomodate other cartidge family choices 4: I would like to use one of these calibers, .22, 6.5, 7mm, .308. These are the bullets that I use for other cartridges that I reload for. Also I would consider making this a switch barrel rifle. I think all I would need is to have the recoil lug pinned. Is this correct? Thanks for sharing any ideas on this project. Tom

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    Anything based off the 223 family. 223,222,204 17rem it's a easy job to rebarrel if you have a action block and barrel vice. Try some sweets762 in your barrel. If it won't remove the moly it's for sure something wrong. If you want to go to a different cartridge, 308 bolt face you'll need another bolt. You can buy new or even find them on eBay. Several company's make the switch barrel set up for Remington just like a savage. But. You'll need a new bolt. The Remington are 1 piece bodies
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabascoman79 View Post
    But. You'll need a new bolt. The Remington are 1 piece bodies
    If you mean that they don't have a separate "head", you're right. Otherwise, Remington bolts are actually two-piece items with the handle being attached with Silver Solder. If you want a One-Piece Remington bolt you have to buy one from places like Pacific Tool & Gauge (PTG).
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