Coyote Payback
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Thread: Coyote Payback

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    Coyote Payback

    The kids called me the other nite a coyote attacked one of the dogs right close to the house on the farm the other dogs chased the coyote off so yesterday morning I went out with the son in law and grandson with the caller and guns, we set up on three fields that had a swamp between I turned the caller on to the coyote challenge for about a min and then listened and then turned the challenge back on and a coyote came out of the brush about 100 yds away looking at the caller and the motorized flag on top it came straight at me walking and turned just as I was letting a round fly to drill it in the chest with the .223 55 gr varmageddon hit the dog back near the last rib and it fell like a rock totally dead not even a twitch the varmageddon must of exploded in the dog there was no exit wound.
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    Good shooting I hate totes. I take in and adopt abondoned kittens and pups people dump where I fish. I lost two outside cats to yotes. I have feral cats the yotes canít seem to get. There very smart. I donít cut there claws so they can fight and climb trees faster. Everytime I go hunting I watch for yotes.

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    Unfortunately no Coyotes here, but plenty of deer and geese in my yard every day. I have gotten pretty good with my sling shot.

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