Coyote with 270. Win
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    Coyote with 270. Win

    I know a lot of people will tell me not to do it, and some people might agree. But it is the only rifle I have access to,.

    Anyway what is the best bullet size to use in 270 win. For longer ranging shots out to 400 yards?

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    What's wrong with the 270 for killing coyotes? Do people think it's too "cruel"? Don't they realize that "Dead" is dead with the animal not suffering.

    I never knew there were "rules" about using too large a caliber. Remember once when I was a kid and my Dad shot a dog that was running out sheep. Had one down and my Dad put one right through the rib cage with a 180 gr 30-06 round @120 yards or so. Dog did a double back flip and didn't move from where it landed. When I went down to dispose of it, I found a dog that weighed about 75 lbs and had a hole the size of a grapefruit as an exit. I considered the '06 to be just right

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    I've been informed that the .270 was designed around the 130 grain projectile. Do your research around the bullets favored for pronghorn, and they ought to be the beesknees for coyote.

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    Hillman's correct 130's to 140's. Heck I use SMK bullets (different calibers) even on yotes and they do just fine
    shoot to kill not wound !

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    Nothing wrong with a 270 on any varmint IMO.

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    400 is in the wheelhouse for a 270 with a bit of practice BUT its a burger maker with 130s ~ dead is dead, if your not sellin. My son shot a doe this yr. with a .270 N THE EXIT HOLE WAS MASSIVE. alla softball size.....A 270 will definately tatter a yote.
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