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Thread: ADL upgrades for hunting

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    How far are you doing most of your shooting? If you are shooting less than 200 yards, then you probably are fine not upgrading anything. Unless you want to change the stock to a BDL style stock.

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    On my Remington 700 .30-06, I replaced the trigger with a Timney 510. Then I replaced the stock with a Magpul Hunter. My last addition was a ZEISS scope. This gun rocks.

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    Under the right conditions, out to 500 yds with a BDC reticle--that's as far as I'll shoot at big game.

    Makes no difference if ADL or BDL: Stiff synthetic stock. Float the bbl. Install pillars and bed the action. Lose the Mark Pro trigger (if the rifle is so equipped) and install an adjusted (by me) or tuned (by a gunsmith) Walker trigger, or a Timney or Trigger Tech trigger. Check the contact on the lugs, if one lug isn't making contact or very little contact on both lugs, lap the lugs to where they are making, say 30% or more contact on both lugs. Lap the scope rings.

    Proceed the develop some loads.

    Of course, there are times when a rifle shoots great without any of the above, and other times it won't shoot with all the above.......

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    I do upgrade the trigger to see how it goes.

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    Where in New York are you?

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    Do the trigger first.
    1 to 1 1/2 lbs is just right, for hunting.
    A "bloody good" scope is essential.

    Get it working then look at floating the barrel, and bedding the action, a bit further down the track.

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