What I'm saving for...someday...
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    What I'm saving for...someday...

    I have always loved the US Army M24 rifle....as well as the USMC's M40...but the M24 was the one I saw the most being in the Air Force..and generally just being around the Army more...neat rifle. I've shot a few of them, really nice...to be honest I never quite got the globe sights thing...but no one ever paid me to be on that design team either...I've been putting some money back and doing some cut backs to hopefully be able to afford one..I was going to build a similar rifle at one time minus the long action and iron sight mounts, but I decided to just keep saving and get what I want...
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    Hopefully you’ll be able to fulfill that dream. Good luck.
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    Good luck in your quest. I had the Custom Shop build me one and love shooting it.

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    There are some out there..Cha..Ching.

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    Wish you success on your quest!!

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    I saw the last Remington M-24 production sell last year for $5000 which is cheaper than a CMP 1967 original M-24 brought $38K some years ago. While maybe only a few left, the model 700 5r rifling 1-10 twist, 24" stainless or blued with HSP stock as close as you can get to M-24. those 308's 1-10 5R once you find the load are sweet shooters. I knew a SWAT trainer, they purchase the highest regarded sniper rifle at the time from England/Europe. Well, when they got done dialing them in, the 4k purchase was just an 1/8" tighter over the $1000 700 Police Sniper, the 308, 5R 1-10.


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