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    Man I would love one of those rifles but due to the recent popularity of them in Australia someone noticed that at our Rifle Ranges the maximum calibre we can shoot is 8mm.
    So without private land theres nowhere to legally shoot them and part of our agreement to have a firearms licence is to provide a genuine reason for needing one some people put down target shooting which is done at ranges where it's not legal to shoot above 8mm so there goes that genuine reason so people try to put down hunting but without proof that you regularly hunt on someones land with a written Statutory Declaration you have no chance of owning one and that's just in my state others are no go alltogether.

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    The 300 win mag is an excellent round also, there is a reloading die that is made for use on all belted cases( the H &H parent case) its promoted as saying over 15 reloads on a case. I will try to find it. Graf and sons has 100 hornady 338 lapua cases for 132 bucks. I cant afford the min of 250 for the 100 actual lapua cases. My 300 police will shoot inside an inch at 200, if I do my part. The recoil is totally different, I would rather shoot the lapua , Ive read all the armchair gun experts posts about the remington not being a strong enough action. How is that, the Lapua is still loaded to the pressures of other high intesity rounds, and if there was a hint of the 700 action not being able to take it with todays litigation happy society it wouldnt have made it out of the plant. My brother has a older MLR its on its second barrel, he would rather shoot it than his TRG 42. I also have a accuracy international AW that I got second hand and I find the police more comfortable. I dont know if you guys know but the newer police , 338 lapua also has the 40x trigger. I heard that the older model had the mark x trigger. 8MM?, why?

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    Thanks a lot.... thanks for your information... very much useful for me.... :)

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    There may be many reasons why you are stopped by the police and asked to produce a specimen of breath. These reasons could include the fact that you have been involved in an road traffic accident, you have been speeding, you have been involved in a hit and run accident, you have been driving in an unsafe manner giving the police cause for concern or you have driven through a red light.
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    I have the .338 LM Remington 700 and love it. I put a Badger Ordinance bolt knob, Leopold Mark 4 8.5 x 25 ERT scope with Badger Ordinance Max 50 Rings and one piece base, Jewell trigger set at 3lbs really made it a tack driver past 1000 yards. The only issue I've had was the factory muzzle brake. It was ported 360 degree holes that raised dust even seated at the bench, so I installed one with three large ports on each side. Not only does it not point out your position with a dust cloud, it tamed the recoil down so that a friend that took only two shots with the original enjoys shooting it. Reloading your own is the only way to go, cost wise and matching the round to the rifle makes it more accurate.

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