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    Hey guys I have been on and off from here. Well kind of got back into some fishing this year. I see a few new members have joined and contributing to our little place of chat here :)

    I'm also a intermediate fly fisherman and gear to but enjoy fly fishing more just because I also tie my own flies and the feeling of catching fish on your own fish is just amazing.

    I fished for shad this past summer and actually got out for quite a bit of salmon fishing here on the west coast. As of now there are steelhead that are starting to come up in the rivers and streams of California. So looking forward to getting a few of these fancy fish.

    I actually have been out of the fishing side for about 6 years and now see what I have missed on. But the shooting side is not to give up either. I want to make plans on going out this coming Wednesday of the coming week. Hopefully I can make the time to enjoy some boom boom :D

    I can post pics (if there is an interest) of some of the fish I was able to capture on my iPhone camera.
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    Welcome back!!

    I love fishing but it hates me, after an 8 hour deep sea fishing trip the only thing ill catch is wind burn and a cold lol. Relaxing my butt lol.

    I'd love to see some pics, my family is big on fishing. I'm the odd ball out on that one lol

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    welcome back i fish to mostly cat fish,carp,bass,northern pike, much more but this year sucked because it didnt rain much and every thing dryed up

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    Langley B.C. Canada
    I would like fishing more if I could use my rifle. :D All I manage to catch are weeds and the bottom.
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