Stripped screw hole on my 10/22 ruger receiver
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    I committed a capital sin! I stripped the second screw hole from the front. Can anyone please beat me up in the process of giving me advice on what to do?

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    Not sure of how good your metal work skills are but if you don't want to take a chance making it worse I would just take it to a gunsmith and have it tapped.

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    If I remember correctly those are 6x48TPI screws. If that is the case Brownells sells "Oversized" 6x48 TPI screws. I bought a used T/C Contender Handgun Barrel on time and two of the scope mount screw holes in the barrel were stripped out. I bought the "Oversized" 6x48 TPI screws from Brownells and fixed my problem.

    Otherwise you'd have to drill and tap it out to a larger size screw.


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    If you are talking about the scope mount screw, it's an easy fix. Take the rifle apart, remove the bolt. Clean the stripped hole good with brake cleaner or other de-greaser. Clean the screw the same way. Cover the screw with paste wax and fill the hole with JB Weld. After it sets for about 4-5 hours you can remove the screw. Let it completely cure and you're good to go. I've done this hundreds of times on old motorcycles that folks have abused and it always works and lasts as well as the new threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by berto255
    I committed a capital sin! I stripped the second screw hole from the front. Can anyone please beat me up in the process of giving me advice on what to do?
    Little confused...Are we talking scope base threads on top of reciever or are we talking V-block threads securing barrel to reciever?
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