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    Had great luck with the vortex viper 6.5-20x44. They have the 50mm objective HS series on sale at SWFA for $399, last years model.

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    I ran a SWFA 5-20x50 HD model on my 300 WM and could not have picked a better scope for the money. I personally like the reticle. I ended up selling the scope for new car funds. But I will be buying another when the piggy bank builds back up. I also run one on my 700 SPS Varmint .308 Win and its scope that will not let you down guaranteed. I dropped the one on my scope off a 3 foot tall table and landed on concrete picked it up (wind was 15-20 MPH and pushed the rifle off the table) and shot a 300 yard group of 2". So this scope is well built. Mentioned in here is the Hawke scope I have owned on for a while on my SPS Tac .308 Win and did like it but when needed to shoot in the heat the glass was not able to filter the large amounts of mirage and ticked me off so much I bought the two SWFA scopes. I have a video the I tried my best o focus on a wild hog with her young one at about 2.5k yards out. One thing I look for in a scope is glass and making sure its a FFP scope for shooting at various ranges and having the ability to range at any magnification. Anyways check out the video and there are plenty of very in depth reviews about this scope. Maybe I should make a review myself but till then there are others out there
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