Need Scope Ring Advice
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    Need Scope Ring Advice

    OK, I am in need of some advice on scope rings for a used Rem. 700 30-06 I recently purchased on GunBroker. Rifle has no scope or bases now, but has the typical Remington rear and front sight as you would find on a 870 pump barrel equipped for rifled slugs. I am strongly leaning towards the Leopold quick release ring set-up so I could detach /re-attach the scope I am planning to buy (Redfield Revolution) and use the open rifle sights if necessary. My question is this: Do I need to go with the medium or high base Leupold rings to avoid having the rifle's sights interfere with the scope's view? I am going to guess the quick release "low profile" rings are already out of the question from the get-go. I've been shooting for over 40 years, but my optics knowledge is a bit "fuzzy", as the only other scoped rifle I have is a Steyr SSG Police sniper with Kales optics. Any advice you might want to share will be much appreciated before I purchase some rings. Thanks & Regards.

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    I just bought a 700 BDL 30-06 and bought some Leupold Rifleman rings and Millet bases. I wanted detachable rings in case the scope failed but most of them have levers or knobs that stick out far and look like they would snag on something. I can detach the Rifleman rings just as fast as long as I don't forget to take the little Allen wrench along. You generally want the scope mounted as low as possible for quick targeting and to keep the rifle well balanced. The front objective bell determines the ring height and in general you use low rings up to 34 m/m, med rings up to 40 m/m, and high rings over 40m/m.

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    Go Leupold but not the QD type, they fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M700 View Post
    Go Leupold but not the QD type, they fail.
    I have a set of "loopie" QD's that are over 10 years old with some hard use. Haven't failed yet. Only gripe I have is that he levers are so small they hurt my thumb when tightening/loosening.

    They've held my 2# tactical scopes well for all that time.


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