New to the forum and have a scope question
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    New to the forum and have a scope question

    Hello to everyone Wooten here, forgive me if I make a few mistakes on my post. My question is what scope does Remington equip on their combo sets I have a 30-06 and used it for the first time this season on deer I did pretty well and tagged out the first morning. The reason I want to know the brand is I may want to upgrade my scope. My first shot I took a doe at about 125 yards, the second was a buck at a little farther out and it folded him right on the spot, it was a private hunting area and I had permission to take a third deer. I took 4 more shots and no hits but these shots were closer to 150 to 200 yards from me, granted there was some sage brush between me and the deer but with 155 grain bullets I did not think grass would deflect the shots. I haven't had a chance to go to a range and hit the paper again to check the zero on my weapon. So I want tyo rate the scope that came on it and see if it is a decent quality optic, or if I need to replace it, any answers would be great.

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    I am new to the forum my self and definitely not a expert . But I have a 700adl 270 . That I purchased in 2010 to deer hunt with . I killed a few deer with the factory scope before I upgraded . After I changed scopes I couldn't seem to keep a zero so I purchased a set of Leupold base and rings and haven't had any trouble since . I still use the factory scope on 22 mag and it works fine on that gun . But I would suggest new base and rings and a scope . But that's just from my experience.

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    If you can see the target bright and clear, then the Optics probably are OK for what you are doing, but if it is losing Zero, then you need to do some shooting tests on paper to determine if it is the rifle, the loads or the scope when you step out a little further. I would re-zero on paper at some intermediate distance, see what it is doing closer and father and see if the scope zero is moving after a few rounds. Then you have apples to apples with conditions etc. and shooting from a steady rest will help tell the tail.

    Good luck, Bob
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