I think I did something really bad
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    I think I did something really bad

    So I have a Gewehr 43. A really nice one, in fact. Looks like it was never shot and kept in pristine condition. I saw online that a company was making retro scopes that look like the original scoped Zeiss made in 1944. Well, you know how the scope mount should just slide on and then you press back the lever? My mount wouldn't slide all the way on so I basically wonked it a bunch of times with my rubber mallet to get as far as I could, then I wonked the lever a bunch of times until it closed. I'm really thinking I made a really bad decision and should have figured out a way to maybe sand the metal on the scope mount so the tolerances weren't so tight. Does what I did matter - or should I just leave the mount on where it is? Also, how do they level and adjust the damn things? They use weird metal bands instead of scope mount rings. Crap - I hope I didn't ruin a $3K rifle.

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    I think I would just leave the scope on the rifle and not worry. It's not unusual for military items to have quirks (along with dings and dents) that would make the scope mount too tight. You may do more damage to the value of the rifle if you remove the scope then sand, file, or grind.

    Second, are the bands around a "round" portion of the scope? If so, try loosening and merely rotating as with any other scope.


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