mid/long range hunting scope
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    mid/long range hunting scope

    Thinking about putting a vortex crossfire II 4-12 50mm on my 700 30-06 hunting rifle. a good choice? id like to reach out to 400 yards one day, but for now, 200 yards is all i really shoot. im not trying to break the bank. ive traditionally put about 100 into my scopes and theyve always worked fine for me... although ive never really worried about going beyond 100-150 yards... im splurging a bit on this gun and but id still like to keep my spending to around $200.. any advice would be great. i was also looking at the Primary Arms 4-14X Tactical Scope, but i dont like the 30mm tube, or exposed turrets.

    there is also the Crossfire II 4 - 12x 44mm... im not really sure if the 50mm is going to make a large difference. and if that difference is going to be worth the $55 price difference.

    its really hard to judge information on the web about optics. one spot you can find phenomenal reviews for an $80 simmons scope, and on another youll find terrible reviews on a $300 leuopold.. tough to tell what is actually going to work for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idigg View Post

    its really hard to judge information on the web about optics. one spot you can find phenomenal reviews for an $80 simmons scope, and on another youll find terrible reviews on a $300 leuopold.. tough to tell what is actually going to work for me.
    Online "Reviews" to me have become worthless. Some are written by those who manufacture, distribute, or sell the product they are reviewing. They also have solicited family and friends to write similar favorable reviews.

    Next are those who get a "reward" for every favorable review they write from some promotional sites.

    Then there are those who work for the "competition" in some manner and their reviews are always along the line of "xyz model >>> SUCKS".

    Maybe, just maybe, buried among the reviews there's one that is a real evaluation of the product.

    I prefer to use the old school method of deciding on what I want to buy. I try to find the product in a real brick and mortar location where I can "fondle it" and decide for myself it's what I like. I then ask family, friends, and others, what their experience has been. I also look at the popularity of such items as scopes. If you don't see a lot of a particular model it often means it's a POS or is so outrageously priced that only a very few can pony up the "Benjamins" to buy it.

    Tat said, I ave neither Vortex or Leupod scopes in my collection. I do however see lots of them at the range and elsewhere so I gather they're pretty good.

    As for the difference between a 44mm and 50mm is all that much unless you're looking for the last little bit of light gathering capability. Look for a scope that gives nice clear vision at ordinary lighting conditions and it'll win out over a "not so clear" scope with a larger objective.

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    I totally agree with Deadshot2 about reviews. Also agree on seeing one, either at a store or on some ones rifle. You can then see the clarity, light gathering and EYE RELIEF, which will also be important on a heavier recoil caliber. One more consideration to add to the equation is how much shooting you will do with this rifle. .30-06 has more recoil than many cartridges and if you shoot a lot, then the recoil will effect some scopes more than others. If you are only hunting and sighting in and a few shoots during the season, that will be different than a target shooter or Varminter that goes out and shoots hundreds or even thousands of rounds a year. Lastly, is how well they hold zero. Some with recoil need to be resighted often and others will run true for much longer.

    I currently have Vortex, Sightron, Leupold, Bushnell, Nikon, Vortex and Nightforce scopes on both rifles and pistols. You will find a considerable difference also within a brand based on the model line.

    Robert Kittine
    Sag Harbor and Manhattan, New York

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    i guess when i said reviews, i meant to say discussions on forums. ask about a $100 scope in one place, people have good experiences and highly recommend it, ask about a much better $300 scope in another forum, and it is trash. different levels of expectations. could be easy to say that a $100 scope is going to be plenty, or that a $300 scope wont be enough, depending on what i need from it or how picky i am...

    after a few boxes when it is new, i doubt ill put more than 3 rounds through it a year...

    unfortunately, i dont have many friends or family with long range scope experience.

    thansk for your input folks.

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    I don't have a vortex but I do have a redfield. I have had a 3x9x40 and I have a 4x12x42. I had the 3x9 on my old 30-06 and I have the 4x on my new 30-06. I have been impressed. They are the revenge line (not made in the us). Redfield is made by Leupold. The only thing I think they could improve upon is field of view. But I love both of the scopes. Not sure on the price now but I had gotten the 4x on sale at midway 2 summers ago.

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    Idigg, I would suggest you consider a higher power range. If your max range is 400 yards, you'll likely be using at top power of 12X. Most budget scopes are the clearest in the mid-range of their power range. They can lose clarity at max power.

    For instance, if you got a 6-20X scope, then you could get good clarity in the 6-14X power. You can still that 20X, but you'll like those mid-ranges better, I'll bet.
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