Leupold Low Rings
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    Leupold Low Rings

    I'm getting ready to put a Leupold 4.5-14x40mm VX-3i on my Sendero using Leupold dual dovetail bases and low rings(.650"). Have any of you ever used the low rings with a 40mm objective? I don't want to order medium rings if the lows will allow the objective to clear the barrel.

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    I'd order both with the option to return one unused pair. I'm almost positive you'll need mediums.Low is pretty low for that set-up

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    You are going to be close with the low rings. Remember, a 40mm objective is more like 50mm in actual OD. That means you need a minimum of 1" above the barrel. Add in the thickness of the "dovetail" base to the height of your rings. The Sendero barrel is pretty heavy and it will depend on where the taper at the breech end of the barrel begins in relation to your scope objective position as to whether or not you make it. Don't get too close or your scope caps will not have room. I kind of like to factor in at least 1/4" for scope cap and clearance to keep heat of the barrel away from my objective lens assy. Also take into consideration that when you pull the trigger the barrel and action flex a lot more than you realize. Too close and yes, you run the risk of hitting the bottom of the scope with the barrel when things go "Bang".

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    I think the Medium Rings package also states "For up to 40mm Objectives" If I was home I would check as I have a set of unused ones in the package (Mediums). They may however be the older style twist in rings (not for dovetail bases) that I purchased with a set of Leupold Bases for a 700 SA that I ended up using Burris Rings on.

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