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    Siam mauser

    Back in the 1970s here in Southern NH the bolt action for some reason was not popular. Levers, Semi-autos, and pumps were what the locals wanted. Mt local gun shop made it a practice to try and sell any nice Bolt Guns out west and had contacts in the western states that would buy any nice Bolt Action that the local shop came up with. One day I went into the shop and asked what is new. The proprietor went out back and brought out two items and said "what the heck am I going to do with these". The first was a Navy Arms Siam Mauser Barreled Action with a heavy 18" barrel chambered in 45-70. The second was a well worn 93 Mauser in 7 X 57 Mauser with a nice Redfield scope. I did not want the 93 Mauser but the scope and mounts were Very interesting. I gave him less than $100 for the 2 items. I then had to get a Bishop Stock and have a gunsmith tap the Action and bend the bolt handle to clear the scope. After a period of time I had a nice Bolt action 45-70 that was fun to shoot and fun to hunt with. It is no light weight but is very accurate.

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    Very cool .45-70 bolt rifle never heard of one always a lever gun or single shot trapdoor,how many rounds does it hold?

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    And very unusual. Nicely done.

    Robert Kittine
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