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    PGWDI Coyote

    Ok, it's not a 700, but it's one of my favourite rifles. I have taken it out to 1200m. The scope is a Sightron SVSS 10-50x60 on top of a Near 1.25 milspec mount. And the bipod is of course, an LRA light tactical.

    The barrel is 24" and is a 1:11 heavy fluted and is chambered in .308. The rifle weighs in at 18.5 pounds. Here is my first grouping after barrel break-in and sight-in from 100 metres. Damn flier! It is .39" without it.

    Edit: And some milsurp love...

    ...and some VZ58 love...

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    They are great shooters.

    Mine is a in a McMillan A5 stock and green.
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