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Thread: M1919a4...

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    Cool M1919a4...

    I haven't seen any activity in this sub second of the forum so I thought I would try to spark a little interest in posting here. I will probably post some more about other guns and projects.

    I am sure most of us have a few non 700 guns. I have many. Here is one of the ones I am really fond of. I bought this one to thrill my boy (ok, me too). He loves military guns. We have several. A lot of them we build from demilled kits. This one is my favorite. What's not to love about a belt fed machine gun. We have a lot of fun with it at the range. It usually draws a crowd when we get it out.

    This one is a semi auto converted gun build. Originally made for the Israeli military. It's a 7.62 (308). I have since bought the stuff to swap between a 7.62 and 30-06. It's a hoot to shoot and a real testament to John Browning's mechanical genius. It was build from a demilled kit by a buddy of mine about 10 years ago. I ended up with this over the winter last year.

    Here it is laying on the bench waiting to be taken apart and cleaned. You have to be on your "A" game when you take it apart. If you know anything about a 1919 you know about the rod of death!! Extra care is always taken when we tear this one down! I can take some photos/video of the gun apart if anybody is interested?

    Here it is mounted on a MG-42 tripod:

    And one of it mounted on a Maxim cart:

    Here is my son J with the cart. He does look happy doesn't he:

    I still need to pick up the correct tripod one of these days. Here is a video of J shooting it at the range. These were rounds he reloaded himself. Rules are if he wants to shoots it, he has to reload the ammo and load the belts. With heavy supervision from me of course. This was the first time had he shot it. He was having a great time!


    I have learn a lot about the 1919. Things like they don't like most off the shelf ammo. They prefer the COAL to be on the long side to properly go threw the belt feed mechanism. Surplus ammo seems to feed just fine but I don't like shooting corrosive ammo. Loading and reloading is not a big deal for us. We reload everything around here anyway. And it's always a good time to be had when we reload ammo.

    There is a awesome resource on the web called the 1919a4.com The guys over there are great and very passionate about all things 1919.

    If you enjoy the video please hit the like button on Youtube.

    Thanks for looking
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    Apparently the 243 SAW has a spring that tends to fly out on disassembly too, the first guy I had to airvac caught it right in the eye and got a nasty corneal injury. (Our shop teachers were right, BTW)
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911ly View Post
    . If you know anything about a 1919 you know about the rod of death!!
    Ditto for the M-2 and it's driving spring assembly. Had an instructor that said "You're supposed to kill the enemy with this weapon, not yourself while taking it apart".

    Some weapons can be deadly on both ends

    When anyone mentions the genius of John M. Browning, just look how long his inventions have served in our Military. The M-2 is still a "current" weapon, just 5 years short of 100 years in service.

    The 1919 is no slouch either, still being used in various other countries, just not part of the US Military's current "arsenal".
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    I just noticed I put the wrong link in my post for the video. Problems resolved, sorry about that.

    The 1911 is another JMB master piece. The man was just amazing. One of my all time favorite hero's for sure! I was scared to take the bolt out the first time and really scared to remove the rod from the bolt. It's not hard to do once you know how to do it safely. I am getting the urge to get it out to shoot this weekend! winter will be here before you know it.
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    Had fun getting these back into working order. Ammo is some old LC ball.

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    Nice - Here is my similar one.50 CAL.jpg
    Robert Kittine
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