The site's title is Harris Gunworks, the adress is "barrelworks."
I'm already confused!

I've heard things about these folks and McMillan. Should one avoid this company!
When I was younger I was fascinated by the "signiture" action and its cool blocky cocking peice! The price of the guns put them out of reach but I liked the line. The sako extractor was not really nescisary as I've never had an issue with std cartridges and stock Remington extractors. Anyway the idea of getting an action and puting one in a McMillan A3 stock is currently really really tempting(if they would sell action alone???) however I don't know if I should trust the company. Bygones be bygones, if the actions are good and a company is trying to start again on the right foot, I figure what's the harm, unless the truth is actually quite bad concerning the past. Bassically I'm researching the past lawsuits, allegations etc regarding the old company and I want to be objective! McMillan folks are great people! But I don't really know all the true "ends and outs" of what has happened with them and the Harris's. I've heard that Harris suposedly hurt more than just the McMillans-as in it has been claimed Harris rifles came up short on Navy rifle contracts. But as in anything not from the horse's mouth, this could just be a bad rumor.

I was a kid when all this was going on, its all fairly old stuff. By the time I was of hunting age and able to know and study firearms, the Navy probably already went to building their own rifles in the form of generic termed "Remington 300 win mag" and later designated mk13mod0 and further variants therof. Therefore the bad blood was already old news by the time I would have taken interest. So I'm asking for a little objective help. I'm interested in the new company and I want to research before I possibly buy. That being said I also don't want to be the start of anything negative for a company that may be trying to run an honest business and put out a good product! The internet is bad for reps, unfortunatley the internet is indiscriminate as to whether the bad rep is deserved or not. So I hope I'm treading lightly here!

Bad things happen, bad people do bad things. If however a new owner can make a company honest again I figure they are worth a second chance. However I'd hate to be scammed of money or get an action that's far short in quality compared to the original! That's a common thing often times when long lost companies start up again-although usually its when a "fly-by-night" starts up under an old revered name!