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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmert_BDL_700
    I had a Spikes and a DPMS I liked the Spikes better for all around use. But the 5.56 and the .223 is the same. A barrel that is Stamped 5.56 can handle full auto and one that is stamped .223 or nothing can not handle full auto. (As I was told by a AR-15 gun smith for 15 years.) I have built 3 AR-15's with my dad. we got one that was stamped .223 and the other two were stamped 5.56. We bought a bump fire stock that will let a semi AR-15 shoot full auto by bump firing. Look up the bump fire stock it cost about $350.00+tax. After shooting the .223 stamped barrel 120 rounds later it blew up on us about a 6" gash going down the barrel the two barrels that was stamped 5.56 we shoot over 1,000 rounds with no MF all rounds where Remington UMC 55gr FMJ. This Any way you cant not go wrong with a A2 Spikes 16" barrel for $700 to $900. Or a DPMS M4 flat top + your type of Eyes on it 20" barrel 1in12 twist with a match trigger, PRS stock with a good bipod. I can go on and on but thats my 2 cents Have a good and safe shoot
    Bad information!
    Difference between .223 and 5.56 has nothing to do with full or semi auto.
    Dig around this site. Great information from knowledgeable people.
    Using 5.56 ammo in a rifle chambered for .223 could possibly get one hurt.

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    The 5.56 is a hotter version of the .223. Typically there will be a slightly different twist rate (1:7 usually so heavier projectiles can be used) The case dimensions are the same, but many rifles chambered in .223 can not take the pressure of the 5.56 military round.

    Robert Kittine
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    Best AR for the money is a forever argument,buy what you want, don’t get into a spec and money game,lots of good options out there,I have a total of $850. Into one and it shoots and fits my needs fine.

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