How many rounds down the pipe?
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    I will start

    Im still pretty new to the long range game and wanted to see how my rifle is holding up compared to yours.

    I picked up a 5r milspec in december and have since put 7-8 hundred factory rnds and 1500 of my own down the barrel(the bug bit me hard lol and im broke) :D I recently bought lapua brass to see what everyone was raving about and I have to say im a believer.

    Took it out to test the groups with the brass and get an idea of how much longer my barrel is going to last.
    From 100yds of the bi pod and a rear bag 5 shot group

    By lvgolfer962 at 2012-03-18

    Is this pretty normal for a factory barrel or did i get a freak?

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    Nice shooting. Barrel life depends on alot of things, # of shots, how hot the loads are, how often it's cleaned (more isn't better), if while using a rod and jag to clean, a proper bore guide is brig used to prevent scratching.

    I've read post through out the net saying a new barrel was needed after only 3k. I've also seen reports saying up to around 8k.

    I guess the best answer would be, shoot the hell out of it and when your not happy with its preformance then it's time to get a new barrel.

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    Most of my handloads are on the hotter side

    178 amax and 175 smk are running 2700 fps behind 44.7 g to 45.2 of varget

    155 smk palma running 2950 behind 46.2 to 47.0 g of varget

    208 amax no crono data behind 43.5 to 43.8 g of varget (just started playing with these)

    Cleaning is such of grey area, ive read 10 ways doing it one way and 10 more saying that's the worst way to do it, ect.

    Ive been running patches until it comes out clean, push a brush down it and patch it again until it comes out clean then im done. Using a bore guide, carbon fiber rod and shooters choice.

    Once it opens up to the size of a quarter then I think im going to junk it. Most of my shooting is from 700yd to 1200 so it makes a bigger difference at those ranges.

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    .308 Win is known for great barrel life.


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