The $75, 7 month project rifle.
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    The $75, 7 month project rifle.

    Finished Build
    1. Remington 700 BDL .30-06, 22 inch standard barrel
    2. Legacy magazine kit
    3. Nikon pro-staff 3-9x50 bdc reticle, / flip up scope covers, w sunshade
    4. DNZ Game Reaper rem 700 long action high 20 MOA mount
    5. 3 Grovetec flush mount qd swivels
    6. Custom free floated, hand fitted, glass bedded thumbhole laminate stock, from Richards Microfit
    7. 10 inch picatinney rail
    8. Bipod, Ms4 sling, and magpul afg

    This is actually my first post, and before I go any further I want to say two things, thank you, to all of you who have contributed to this site in the past, while it's my first post, this site has been quite the resource for me over the years and very appreciated. Second, I know everyone has strong opinions about what a rifle should be, for me this is what I could afford to build, based on my tastes, and for what I plan to use it for.

    My taste in rifles was strongly influenced by my grandfather, growing up in western Pennsylvania and hunting whitetail deer outside of Medix Run, and Benezzet where the PA Game commission had also reintroduced Elk, which we'd sometimes see while hunting. As a teenager at that time I was borrowing a Winchester 88, in .308 from him, which heavily influenced my first purchase a few years later, of a Savage 99 CDL, also in .308, that second rifle has served me well, and many the deer in PA, and NY has regretted it.

    In September I won a Remington 700 SPS Camo, in a raffle from the local sportsman's club chambered in .30-06, with the BDL bottom spring plate thingy. Several things were immediately apparent to me upon picking up the rifle. The stock was hollow, light, noisy, and the forearm flexed way too easily, and for my taste, the camo was just plain ugly. The scope, and scope mount were clearly "part of the package". I looked at this rifle like a gift horse to a degree, but having received the rifle for a $25 raffle ticket, I was also looking through the lens of what could I turn it into with a little bit of an investment. That same week while cleaning up my work bench I came across a box of other gun parts, custom pistol grips, AR Free Float Tubes, and several other items, and my budget was born. All the extra parts went up for sale, the plastic stock, scope, and scope base as well.

    Now let me explain what I began working towards. Ever since hunting with my grandfather for deer, and seeing the Elk in Western PA I've wanted to bag an Elk, and maybe a Brown Bear. Financially there are still several other hurdles to cross to reach this goal but two things are now closer. I have a very capable rifle, and Pennsylvania now has a lottery system to get a license to take an Elk, without having to travel out west. In the near future I also hope to gain access to a different local sportsmen's club with 100, 200, 300, 600, and 1,000 yard capabilities, and may try my hand at some longer range shooting with this rifle, depending on my luck getting into that club.

    After considering the several rifles I own currently I began putting together my criteria for what I wanted in this rifle. Namely, this will consist of the following:
    1. Increasing the weight in the stock
    2. Upgrading the optics
    3. Free float barrel
    4. Ability to use magazines, instead of the hinged floor plate
    5. Bipod

    My first pass at the rifle was to purchase a DNZ Game Reaper 20MOA scope base, and Nikon 3-9x50 BDC scope for about $260, along with a Legacy Magazine kit, and two 5 round mags for another $60. Throw in a sling and a little range time, and I used this rifle to take a small buck during whitetail season at 160 yards. Straight through the lungs, it didn't take a step. Having my son along with me that day, who is just getting to be the age to start hunting helped make it an even more special occasion.

    After deer season, full disassembly of the rifle, preparing for the upcoming project was planned to consist of removing the stock from the barrel / trigger group, and leaving the scope mounted for now. However, corrosion, ugh, factory finish, one day in the rain wiped down with a rag and I have corrosion? Off comes the scope, scope mount, trigger group, and the barrel goes 30 minutes down the road for bead blasting, and graphite black cerakote…

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, I ordered a Tack Driver Silhouette thumbhole stock, with a flat oval forearm, and decelerator recoil pad in black laminate from Richard's Microfit. The stock comes unfinished, and the more I was thinking about what I wanted to do, this gave me more options before it was sealed to do some further customization. They were up front with me at the time of ordering that it would take 8 to 10 weeks, anticipating the stock to arrive in late February, or early March.

    Apart from the early influences of my Grandfather while deer hunting my time spent with an AR has also influenced me heavily in two areas. I've gained a deep appreciation for flush cup qd sling mounts paired with Magpul's MS4 sling, and while it may sound really odd, have found using a single point sling to be incredibly versatile while in a tree stand. Second, the versatility of a length of picatinney rail on any rifle.

    Once the stock arrived, I bored out the action screw holes, for the pillars, then sanded, fit, polished, sanded, fit, sanded, fit, and finally pillar / glass bedded the action with a pillar glass kit ordered from Brownells. Next I installed 3 qd flush cups for sling mounts. All of these are on the left hand side of the stock, (I'm right handed as is the rifle, so these are on the opposite side of the stock from the bolt), one is at the very front of the forend, this is paired with one near the back end of the stock, so that I can sling the rifle flat against my back. The third qd mount on the left side is above the thumbhole behind the action, for single point sling use in a tree stand. This one I was most cautious of, as it has the most potential for leading to a crack in the stock down the road, but so far has held up well.

    Onto the forend, between the front action screw and the tip of the forend I mounted a 10 inch long picatinney rail. Why, well because I wanted a rail to mount a bipod, then when handling the stock while sanding / finishing, I thought adding a Magpul AFG would be nice, then the thought for the qd cups… …well ultimately why, because I had one in my basement, and I could.

    I've now reassembled everything, and can say at a hundred yards, three shot groups fit inside of a Quarter coin, I need to find a 300 yard range in upstate NY…

    The last piece I added was a KRG bolt lift, my son bought it for me as a birthday gift.

    Overall I'm very happy with how it turned out, between winning the rifle in a raffle and selling parts out of my basement, $25 for the raffle ticket, and another $50, after counting everything up, all in, I'm only $75 out of pocket…

    I may blow that budget and splurge on some really nice glass, but I need to spend some time considering my options.

    Any recommendations? :-)

    Also hoping the following works to post images.
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    Love the stock color, but not the stock. But it's not my rifle. Looks like a great build. Enjoy!
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