Optic choices for Colt SP1
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    Optic choices for Colt SP1

    Like the title says.

    I am wondering what is available for optics that I can mount to the carry handle of my Colt SP1.
    Ideally, I would like a fixed power optic.

    Trying to find a correct Colt optic at Scopesman and seems to be more difficult than bottling unicorn tears.

    Suggestions from the experts, please.
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    There is a original 4x20 carry handle optic on Ebay right now. Price is what you make it for original vintage parts. I'm assuming that your putting together a era correct parts

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    Have you tried on the Colt Forum?

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    You might find it easier to get a new flat top upper to use with an optic and possibly cheaper in the long run.
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