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    looking to get a kestrel to help with long range shooting. looking for recomendations on what to get. I an getting one to hopfully help get first round hits 600-1200 yards

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    Are you talking about the Kestrel Ballistics Meter or the Kestrel Weather Meter? I have the Applied Ballistics APP on both my iPhone and my iPad and have holders for them for my bench. I have a portable weather meter set up that I got on Amazon that I have on my bench which shows, temperature, humidity and dew point along with one point of wind direction and velocity. Already owned the iPhone and iPad, so the ballistics calculator was $20 x 2 or $40 and the portable weather station was under $100.

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    I use the Kestrel 5700 with AB with the Bluetooth data link and I like it quite a bit.

    Unfortunately I've only had the chance to use it once out to 700 yards and another time out to 1k. At 1k I got a second round hit only because of wind. Like any wind meter it reads the wind at the meter not down range so you have to learn to read the wind and input the proper wind speed into it. If you do it's a great tool. There are plenty of other cheaper options but none as easy as a single system (IMHO). It automatically updates all the data throughout the day as the day warms up/gets colder. You're not having to get updates and input them into other calculators or shoot, spot and make corrections which I'm sure a lot of guys with printed data have to do depending on the current conditions.

    If you have the money it's a great tool. if not go with a cheap/free ballistic app. Input as much proper information as you can, shoot and make corrections.


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