Muzzle velocity and Ballistic Coefficient Effects
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    Muzzle velocity and Ballistic Coefficient Effects

    Interesting article on effects of variations in both:
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    Thanks for posting.

    I used the Appied Ballistics App on my iPhone and iPad. I also spend more time testing long range loads ( 1,000 yard ) by measuring variation in velocity with my LabRadar chronograph, but first I do a lot of work on prepping my projectiles to get the most consistent BC possible.

    This includes:

    Sorting by weight and length
    Meplat Trimming to exact length
    Tipping to close the projectile end and increase the BC
    Measuring the Baring Surface, not base to ogive
    Re-Sorting by weight

    The result is a set of my match projectiles. For certain one I start with Pre-Cut and Tipped Sierra Match Kings for both my 6mm and 6.5 long range bench rest rifles.

    Variation in velocity can give you a lot of vertical spread at 1,000 yards.

    Robert Kittine
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