Magpul Hunter 700 bedding?
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    Magpul Hunter 700 bedding?

    I've owned my 700 ADL in 308 WIN since the mid 90's where it was predominantly used for hunting and pest control on farms and cattle stations I've worked on but since I've changed careers I no longer have easy access to mid to large game requiring this caliber round.
    I've decided to switch to long range steel target shooting on a home made range on the family farm and am finally working to improve the accuracy of my rifle.
    Recently I bought and fitted the Magpul Hunter 700 stock and noticed an increase in accuracy over the factory synthetic stock and I'm now wondering if it's worth me bedding the action in this stock.
    I'm not interested in doing competition shoots, I just get a kick out of making a metal target ring from half a kilometre or more away.
    I got a better scope with my low budget which I haven't fitted yet to replace my old 8x hunting scope and am looking into a muzzle brake to fit later as well.
    Just doing what I can myself to increase accuracy without taking it to a gunsmith.

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    The answer is in your rifle as it is and how well it shoots. If you merely moved a factory barreled action into the Magpul stock, no accurizing to the action, etc, and accuracy improved, chances are you won't gain enough more to make it worth your wile. What kind of groups are you seeing right now? Are you using factory or hand loads?

    If it were my rifle I'd just shoot as is and see if it meets my needs. If it does, I'd just leave it as-is.

    The stock has a "aluminized" bedding block built in. Shoot for a while, remove action, and look to see if the contact marks on the block and action are uniform. If so, bedding won't add anything. The block is designed to support the action on two parallel "rails" like a V-Block. If you want to "tune", try varying action screw torque values, increasing in 5 ft/lb increments or decreasing the same and shooting groups.

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    No work done to the action or barrel yet and I've got it zero'd with factory ammunition ( ADI Australian Outback 168gn HPBT Sierra Match king).
    Grouping is about 1 1/2MOA at 500m but I think a fair amount of that is my fault since I'm lucky to actually shoot once in 2 months.
    Thanks for your suggestions,next chance I get I'll strip it and check for rub marks but that won't be for a couple of weeks yet.
    My brother knows a gunsmith that can help me with adjusting the factory trigger (at least till I get a Timmney).


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