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Thread: Plastic boxes that bullets come in..............

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    Another use I've found for these boxes that had slipped my mind earlier is "Patches". In my hard rifle cases I have cut out a pocket where I can put a Berger bullet box to hold some extra patches. The "pocket" is just a little smaller than the relatively large, square, box so it's squeezed on all sides and doesn't move. Another box could be used to hold a brush, bore mop, jag, etc. In my hard cases I've cut a slot in the foam of the lids that holds a Dewey cleaning rod. Each case has the rod for the rifle that fits the case.

    Makes it easier to have what I need at hand when I'm at the range. My cleaner is in the range bag with Ear/Eye protection (and all the other stuff we seem to need).
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    Truth is there are 1.78249E+12 possible uses for these things, and I'm probably forgetting one or two. They are well worth saving. I used to buy them in case lots from MidwayUSA when they had various sizes.
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