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Thread: Is the 30-06 good for Elk at 500yd max?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmike View Post
    Thank you guys for your insights. I will stick with my trusty 06 and start working up a heavier bullet load. Are there any small quantity suppliers out there that sell bullets by the 50ct to enable one to try several different bullet weights before making the final choice and ordering 500?
    If I recall correctly Cabela's sells "Sample packs" of bullets for the exact purpose you describe. A small quantity to see which does best with your rifle. I do remember seeing Berger bullets on their display but don't know if others are represented.

    I don't know that I'd be all that interested in trying a whole bunch of bullets as there are some that are just tried and true for a given cartridge. Check some of the Hunting sites and you'll see the same bullet come up over and over in discussion when talking about hunting Elk. Get a box of one bullet based on your reading and work up the load for it. You can do a lot with powder and charge weight selection, often more than just changing bullets. Pick one that gives you the penetration and expansion needed for your animal and then tune the load so it goes where you want. FWIW, I believe the best powder out there for 30-06 hunting rounds is H-4350. Almost totally temperature insensitive and it performs as if it was made just for the 30-06. It even makes my old 03-A3 shoot sub MOA with 175 gr bullets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmike View Post
    .... and now hunt an area with some canyons that make stalking a real challenge for a 65 yr old.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deadshot2 View Post
    Lastly, the law of probability says that the longer the shot you take, the farther you will have to pack your kill.
    My question is if you can't get into that canyon for a stalk, how are you going to get in to pack it out? My location is full of fjord-like mountains that cut down to sea, and getting across some of them is extremely difficult. Even when I spot game on the other side, my gut tells me not to take a shot if I don't think I can get over there to process the kill, and get it back again to my original starting side. There's always another elk. An ethical hunter makes these considerations.
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