700 BDL see though scope mounts
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Thread: 700 BDL see though scope mounts

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    700 BDL see though scope mounts

    Back in the seventies I had a 700 BDL in .243 winchester. I had a pair of see though scope mounts on it. Sadly I sold it years ago but am getting a new one next month but I want to find those ring and mount combination. All I recall was the iron sight hole was a very wide oval shape and the ring base mounted directly to the barrel with no mount. Does anyone know the set up I am trying to find and where to purchase them now. [email protected]
    Thank you all in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum.


    Weaver makes a variety of those as so others, Leopold etc. I only ever had a set on a Ruger .44 Mag Carbine, which was fine for 50 yard shooting. I prefer to keep the center axis of the scope closer to the barrel.

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    Like rkittine said Weaver makes this set up available,had it on a 7600 pump 30-06 I took it off and just shot iron sights.I too like the scope close to the axis,and eventually set the 7600 up that way.


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