Used 700 trigger issue.
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    Used 700 trigger issue.

    I recently picked up an older 700 from a local gun shop, its in great shape, the barrel is stamped 83 (not the code, just "83") the only issue I had was that the trigger had been adjusted by someone that didn't seem to know what he was doing. At less than 1 pound I was a little nervous to shoot it. After I spent a week looking for info on making the adjustments,I finally found a video of an old gunsmith adjusting the trigger and I think I have it sorted out. My question to y'all is whether I should go ahead with my previous plans and drop a new timney in it now, or at least try it out with the adjustments I made?

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    If its a Walker trigger try it out. I never adjust a Walker trigger lower than3 1/2 lbs,and never have had problems.
    Lower than 3 lbs usually wont pass safety tests. If 3 1/2 is too high for you put the Timney in.

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    I don't have a trigger scale handy, but I can get it checked. Also, I'm not sure if its a walker or not. I've always been told the walker would lock the bolt when its on safe and this one doesn't lock.

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    I never leave any Remington trigger in any of my 700 actions. Timney or better always.

    Robert Kittine
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