Replacing the firing pin assembly on a 700 with the 'J' lock?
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    Replacing the firing pin assembly on a 700 with the 'J' lock?

    Hi all. I recently took delivery of a mint condition Remington 700 stainless with a synthetic stock. It's a blind magazine stock which means if I load three rounds, unless I fire them, I have to cycle the bolt three times, etc.

    That doesn't bother me as this will strictly be a hunting rifle and some of my rifles are single shot anyway.

    What does bug me is that this rifle has that idiotic 'J' lock on the bolt shroud. The vendor (it was a Gunbroker gun) cleverly shielded the lock in the pics, and there was certainly no mention of it in the description. Truth be known, I'd never heard of such a thing. I've owned 700s before, but that was before the 'J' idiocy.

    I've been looking at replacement firing pin assemblies and am wondering if this is a drop in job or gunsmith only? I'm not interested in lighter weight firing pins, etc. It's not a target gun. It's a 30-06 and after a box of ammo, I'm pretty much ready for some 22s. As in, Hornet. Or rimfire.

    Anyway, it's a long action. Stainless. Left handed. Actually, I could almost live with the gun but for the fact that the 'J' lock monstrosity protrudes on the safety side of the bolt shroud enough to almost impede operation of the safety. I can operate the safety, but my thumb is going to remember the 'J' wart is there. And that will be especially poignant in cold weather.



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    BTW, I haven't fired it yet, but I really like the gun. Super light. Very trim. I just want to replace the firing pin assembly and the trigger.

    Timney? Again, it's left handed so, options are limited.

    thanx again

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    Brownell’s sold replacement parts for this a few years ago, I don’t know if they still do.
    I have a rifle with this on for 16yrs I really don’t notice it anymore so I just left it be.
    This is known as the ISS locking system.
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