New 700 ADL .308
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    Feb 2012
    I just got a new 700 ADL in .308 and was wondering what size scope rings to put on this baby boy! I plan on getting a 20 moa rail for it and my scope has a 40mm objective. I'm thinking low rings but I'm not sure. Anybody know? I plan on getting TPS TSR rings.


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    After reading around here on the other forums I found my answer I think. With the 20 MOA rail a set of Low or Ultra Low rings will work. From my readings. Anybody got a different opinion?

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    I run the TPS 30mm Low rings and 20 MOA TPS steel base and was easily able to fit a scope with the OD of 2.643in or 60.16mm. So you should be able to with out any issues at all fit a 40mm scope using Ultra Low TPS rings...............
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