17 Rem model 700 confused dates of mfr??
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    17 Rem model 700 confused dates of mfr??

    Hope you all can help me. Yesterday, I acquired a Rem. 700 in .17 Rem. It appears to be a BDL, but not certain. I am trying to determine date of manufacture. Barrel code is KU7. Obviously, the month was May. Unfortunately, the letter "U" was used for 1971 and 1999. This particular rifle was made from '71 to '07, so how do I determine if mine is '71 or '99?

    Also, my rifle has PG and forend checkering, rollover Monte Carlo stock, and black PG and forend caps with no spacers. Does any of that clearly define ADL or BDL?

    I bought the rifle in a "lot" purchase, and plan to sell this one. Condition is as close to new as I have seen. I want to sell it, so want to be correct with any info I offer.

    Thanks, folks. I own several 700's, fine rifles, for sure.

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    ADL has blind magazine. The BDL has a magazine with a floor plate that opens to unload.
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    In 1974 the 700 had an upgrade to the bolt lug,they put a groove in the lug to run on the rail in the receiver for anti bind and bolt play.
    Take your bolt out if there’s a groove in the lug it’s made 1974-present,if not it’s a 1973 or older.

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    There was no Forend Caps on the ADLs of those vintages either.
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