SPS "Matte Blue" Finish
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    SPS "Matte Blue" Finish

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know what the finish is on the SPS models (Varmint in particular, but I think they're all the same)? Remington calls it a matte blue, but I'm not sure I'm convinced that it's actual bluing. The reason I ask is that there may come a time down the road when I would like to refinish it with a rust or hot blue, and I don't necessarily want to have to grind off a parkerized or bonded finish. In theory, a true matte blued finish would come off with naval jelly or bluing remover, which would make for a much smoother process.

    I'm a lefty, so I don't have the option of buying a new BDL/ADL/CDL with a nice finish already. I have checked the used market and that is definitely a possibility (albeit with a limited caliber selection), but I want to explore the new SPS avenue as well.

    Anyway, thanks for any input you have.

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    It doesn't seem to be Park; not coarse enough.

    In any case, my gal likes her lefty.

    turner sling2.jpg

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    Welcome to the Forum fro, New York. The Matt Blue is bluing over unpolished steel. Though the thought was to keep the reflection down, it was also a less costly process.

    I have one "Matt Blue" Remington 700 and it is truly blued.

    Robert Kittine
    Sag Harbor and Manhattan, New York


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