New on here have a question to be answered...
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    New on here have a question to be answered...

    New on here, been searching for a way to mount a light on to my rifle. ( I have a Houge stock) Do not not want to mount a light directly to the scope I would preferred to mount it at the front of the stock. Any input on good mounts to use would be appreciated, considered just putting a pic rail on the bottom of the stock but doing so would angle the light upwards. Any products and suggestions would be awesome

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    Welcome to the form Connor. Since recently there is nothing but retailers on here, maybe one of them can help, but I doubt you will get a direct response from any of them.

    In any case, do you have a sling swivel / bipod mount on the bottom forend of the stock? Take a look at the universal ball mounts you can get from RAM. They may have something that will clip to the bipod or sling swivel stud and be rotatable in order to align it with the barrel. Doing some "Dear Jacking" ?

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