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    Aftermarket stock

    Good evening all.
    Would like some opinions on a replacement stock for my Remington 700 SPS. I have recently purchased one in .308 Winchester. Nice gun, just don’t care for the stock. I would also like to add the magazine floor plate. I’ve been looking at Magpul Hunter. Thoughts, experiences, recommendations? Thank you all

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    Welcome to the Forum from New York. First question, what will you be using your 700 for? Different stocks might be appropriate for different shooting sports.

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    There are several drop in stocks that are very good. Bell & Carlson and HS Precision are a couple. I have a couple of B&Cs and they are an excellent value. You can go way up on price, but at a certain point, I don't see the advantage of a high dollar stock for hunting and target shooting.
    To add a detachable bottom metal, it will require a M5 inlet. There are several places online that do it and you are looking at $100-150 plus shipping both ways. so, if you can get it pre-inletted, you'll save some coin. I just sent two 700 stocks to Heritage Arms in CO. and the cost is going to be $261 each for the bottom metal and inletting.
    Bottom metal can run from around $100 to several hundred. A several hundred $$$ bottom metal offers little if anything besides maybe a little better anodizing and bragging rights. As long as you stay away from the plastic units(my preference), you will be good to go.
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    Choate makes a number of stocks for the 700, to include a model with the M5 inlet.

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    I put a BlackHawk Knoxx Axiom Ultra-Light Rifle Stock on mine and it works great. Does an awesome job of absorbing recoil and keeping the rifle from hopping. The collapsible stock makes it possible to both modify your length of pull and use smaller cases. It doesn't touch your barrel and I've never experienced any "flex" in it that some complain about. It's currently $169.99 on Optics Planet and you will need Blackhawk's installation tool (looks like a long screw driver).
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    Hi mbowlby,

    A warm welcome to the 700 Rifle forum.

    Visit often.


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